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So thousands of people each year are preparing for a trip to France, and not just Paris, the capital, is the only destination for them, but so are cities such as Marseille or Nice. France is one of the most known in Europe and the world, especially for having one of the most famous monuments, the Eiffel Tower.

When you make a visit to France, one of the places you'll want to visit, especially if traveling with children, is Disneyland Paris, Disney theme park where younger guests can enjoy a few days with some of the characters from well-known study American film.


trip to France

If you prefer relax for your travel, you can do it in any of the beaches of the Blue Coast, which are cities such as Nice, Marseille and Cannes. You can also visit Monaco, a country bordering France, the second smallest country in the world, which stands as the main event Formula 1 Grand Prix.

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